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Permanently smooth, sexy skin

Tanda Me is a revolutionary at-home professional hair removal system that uses a new breakthrough patented technology to deliver permanent results with unprecedented safety, speed and effectiveness.

• Safe for body and face
• Effective for ALL hair colours
• Safe for dark skin tones
• Fastest treatments
• Painless

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Why elōs technology?

With over 3 million professional elōs hair-removal treatments performed annually - elōs is more than clinically tested, it is medically proven

elōs is the first and only technology that combines the power of both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (radio frequency energy). Developed by IPL inventor and patent holder (Dr. Shimon Eckhouse), this revolutionary technology effectively overcomes the safety and procedural limitations of laser and IPL devices.

mē is the first elōs at-home professional technology hair removal device leveraging on safety and 10 years of proven clinical results.

    The science in mē

  • - A pulse of elōs (RF + IPL) is emitted for a fraction of a second.
  • - The IPL energy is converted to thermal energy, heating up the hair shaft and the hair follicle
  • - The RF energy is attracted to the pre-heated follicle, heating it further and treating it, inhibiting hair re-growth
  • - The combination of 2 complimentary energies enables to deliver unprecedented safety, versatility and effectiveness for the widest range of hair and skin colours.

What is permanent hair removal with mē?

When an elōs pulse is emitted from the mē device the energy is deposited in the skin, selectively targeting the hair follicle. If the energy reaching the follicle is high enough it can permanently damage the hair follicle and that specific follicle that was damaged will not be able to grow hair any more. Not all hair follicles in the skin area treated by the elōs pulse can be successfully damaged in a given treatment since hair follicles are sensitive to thermal damage only at certain phases of their life cycle.

Permanent hair reduction means that when a follicle is thermally damaged it is not able to grow a terminal hair again. Because there are many millions of follicles that can potentially grow hair on the body, and since a significant portion of them is not at the right growth phase, it is not realistic to expect that every single follicle in the treatment area will be disabled. Moreover, many of the follicles in the skin don’t have hair that is visible on the surface of the skin. These follicles have a much lower level of sensitivity to thermal damage so that even when they are exposed to the elōs pulse they will not be disabled. These follicles have the potential of growing “new hair” later in time.  Over several treatments with appropriate intervals, most of the follicles that cycle through hair growth will be affected by the elōs procedure and will be critically injured so they are permanently disabled.

It is important to remember that the body is converting these inactive or dormant follicles to grow later in life just as normal part of hair growth cycle or as a result of many factors: hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, menopause, disease or medications, obesity, or idiopathic causes.

This is why there can be no guarantees or promises of "all the hair gone forever" from a certain area. Follicles are closely intertwined with the skin and body response to internal physiological changes and follow a cyclical growth cycle

Every follicle destroyed will not grow back – your task as a mē user is to destroy the majority of follicles with your mē. Follow our treatment protocol and continue treating yourself with mē until you are satisfied with the results.


"The unique thing about elōs technology is that it combines 2 different modalities, a light modality in conjunction with radio frequency. What this allows us to do is treat more and more patients of all skin types with very little down time. The safety level of this technology is unparalleled and it's something that we are very excited to be able to offer to our patients over the last several years."
- Dr. Vince Afsahi, South Coast Dermatology Institute, California, USA

"mē is a most effective at-home hair removal device, which is suitable for almost all skin types and hair colors. Most of the patients achieve an average hair reduction of almost 90% after 4 treatments. This remarkable clinical result and the safety and ease of use of the device - offer a new approach for treating unwanted hair at home".
- Dr. David Friedman, Dermatologist, Friedman Skin and Laser Center, Jerusalem, Israel

"With elōs technology i can perform exceptional efficacious hair removal treatments with the greatest level of comfort. Unlike other hair removal procedures that only destroy the hair shaft, elōs technology actually destroys the hair follicle, producing a faster, gentler and safer way to remove unwanted hair of the body areas. My patients are extremely happy with the results and they report effective hair loss!"
- Dr. Francesca de Angelis, Plastic Surgeon, DE.A. CENTER - Laser & Plastic Surgery Clinic, Napoli, Italy

"During the clinical trials, the me- device, using elos technology, has proven to be very safe when used as instructed. Developed for increased safety, patient selftreatment was readily accomplished on both body and face. Of significant note was the fact that this was true for all skin types. This home use device should be well accepted by our patients for at-home hair removal."
- Dr. Jerome M Garden, MD, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Northwestern University Director of "Physicians, Lasers & Dermatology Institute"

The revolution in hair removal is here

mē is the first and only at-home device to combine Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies for clinically proven, pain-free, permanent hair reduction. Tanda mē can be used anywhere below the neck, the Tanda mē facial hair removal attachment is coming soon!

Safe and effective

  • Uses IPL and RF- proven safe and effective for the widest range of skin types (1 to 5) and hair colours
  • Fast and convenient

  • Treat your underarms in 1 minute, full leg in 10 minutes or your whole body in only 32 minutes
  • Advanced gliding treatment technique, use it like shavers and epilators gliding over your skin naturally and comfortably. No need to calculate your position, wait for next pulse, draw grids, watch for overlaps, or concentrate
  • 3 comfort settings
  • Large treatment surface
  • Immediate hair removal option

  • mē is th only hair removal system that offers an immediate hair removal option. Expand your mē system with the shaver or epilator attachments to immediately remove your hair while permanently reducing re-growth. These accessories attach to the mē handpiece beside the elōs cartridge and be used simultaneously leaving you smooth and ready to go, saving the hassle of preparations

    The ONLY no preparations no pre-shaving, no gels system!

  • Save money with mē

  • mē uses the same 10-years professional elōs technology at a fraction of the cost of laser treatments performed at doctors clinics.
  • Visible results as fast as 4-6 treatments!*

    *Results shown on 41 women, self treatment, ages 18-50 on legs and arms, elōs level Med/High, average result.  

    How does hair removal with elōs work?

    Hair follicles are precisely targeted using the unique elōs combination of bi-polar radio frequency and light energies. elōs penetrates deep into the dermis, heating and treating the follicle with maximum effectiveness, for long lasting hair removal.

    Are any preparations required prior to treatment?

    Not necessarily! One of the biggest advantages with mē is that it can be an "all in one" hair removal system if you chose to use the epilator or shaver accessories. As mē passes over the skin surface, hair can be simultaneously removed by a permanent solution (elōs) and an immediate solution (the epilator or shaver accessories are sold separately).

    when can I expect to see results?

    To ensure permanent hair reduction results (89% hair reduction after 6 treatments) - you must follow the full recommended protocol of 4 to 6 treatments, with intervals of 2 weeks (please refer to user manual). In some cases, more than 6 treatments may be required, as physiological reaction varies from person to person. After the first 4 to 6 treatments you can treat your desired area only as hair appears according to recommended treatment times. As you progress – you will notice longer and longer intervals between these touch up treatments. Immediately following treatment, your skin will appear smooth and hair free (it is recommended to use the mē epilator and shaver accessory for immediate results with no preparations required).

    What happens if I didn’t treat the first 4 to 6 treatments every 2 weeks according to protocol?

    Our protocol has been clinically proven by our team of scientists in clinical trials supervised by elōs experienced physicians to promise the best results and your quickest way to permanently smooth skin. If used less often than every 2 weeks results may vary. It's never too late to get back to the suggested protocol - perform treatments in 2 week intervals until hair growth reduction is achieved (if a long break was taken it is recommended to restart the protocol). Once hair re-growth is permanently reduced use the mē for touch-ups as needed (on average after 4 to 6 treatments).

    I used mē last week and still see hair… why would this happen?

    This may sometimes appear as hair can be growing up to two weeks after your last treatment as the hair shaft is casted out from the skin. You will be surprised to see that it will actually fall out naturally. It’s also possible that some of your hair is still growing because it wasn’t affected by the treatment which could be caused by different hair growth cycles or that the elōs wasn't clearly applied to all areas of your skin. Remember to treat the area according to the FULL time recommended passing over the full surface to promise better results! (Please refer to the user guide)

    is it safe?

    Treatment with mē is the safest at-home hair removal system.
    elōs technology is a unique combination of RF and IPL. Using gentle pulses of two targeted energies enables better results that can be achieved with lower overall energy output and with the highest level of safety and comfort.
    You will be able to return to normal activities immediately after treatment. elōs technology offers superior results with the highest level of comfort and safety for the widest range of skin and hair colors.

    can I use mē anywhere on my body?

    The mē is intended for use on the body for men and women. Typically it is used to remove hair on the arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, legs, chest, stomach and back. DO NOT USE the mē system on the head, easrs, nipples or intimate areas. Remember to read the user guide before using the mē.
    * Do not use mē if you are skin type 6

    Can I use the mē on my face?

    Yes, the mē can be used on women's facial hair below the cheek line. Common facial areas include: mustache/upper lip, sideburns, jawline and chin/neck.

    how do I select the right elōs level?

    To avoid unnecessary skin reactions, make sure you check the treatable skin types table before using mē (please refer to the user guide) and quick reference guide. If the treatment feels uncomfortable, reduce the elōs level.

    is mē for men too?

    Yes! mē is intended for safe and effective use on both men and women.

    is hair removal with mē, right for me?

    Due to the unique characteristics of the elōs technology, the widest range of skin tones and hair colors can be safely treated. mē is approved for use on skin type 1 to 5 (please refer to user guide for further information).
    Both men and women can achieve hair reduction on all body areas below the neck with mē.. In addition, remember to read the user guide before using the mē.
    * Do not use mē if you are skin type 6

    Does using mē hurt?

    Given that the correct elōs level was chosen according to your skin tone and the instructions were followed, using mē should NOT be painful. Sometimes, a sensation of warmness or tickle may be felt. To get accustomed to elōs energy, we advise that you make test flashes, using the lowest recommended elōs level on any part of your body below the neck. Once you are comfortable with this you can increase the elōs intensity setting.
    Adding the epilator accessory to your device might add a small effect of prickling pain similar to other epilators in the market.

    Using mē couldn't be easier!

    Instead of devising a new technique, the scientists and doctors behind mē decided to create an intuitive, easy to use device that uses a familiar action. Just glide mē over your skin like you would a shaver and let the flashing elōs energy take care of the rest.

    There is no magic behind mē. Our labs have defined a precise treatment regimen based on multiple clinical studies. Follow the protocol and watch your hair disappear from treatment to treatment!

    How to use mē:

    Tanda mē can be used to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Common treatment areas include: legs, underarms, bikini, chest, back, arms and face.

    1. If you are using the mē epilator or shaver accessories – there are no preparations needed!

    2. If you are not using the epilator or shaver accessories then shave or shortly trim the treated area prior to using the mē

    3. Select your elōs level

    4. Perform elōs treatment according to the recommended times for each area

    *If you have fair hair, it is recommended that you use the epilator and elōs cartridge simultaneously for best results

    Is mē for you?

    Check your skin and hair type

    The mē's revolutionary technology is proven safe for the widest range of skin types (1 to V), effectively overcoming the safety and procedural limitations of laser and IPL devices.

    How long to use mē

    When to use mē

    Perform treatments every 2 weeks. After 6 weeks, use mē as hair appears.

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    "it’s painless, it removes hair... you can just get dressed, it really is priceless..."
    "There is no way this device is just for women, I'm very proud to own this device... using the mē makes me feel clean"
    "Bikini areas is the best area I've used it on, you don’t get the ingrown hairs..."


    Permanently smooth, sexy skin

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